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Kenai River 
"Big Game" King Salmon Fishing

The "Ultimate" Freshwater Fishing Experience

"The Kenai River Consistently Provides 
The Biggest King Salmon In The World... 
Each Year 80 Pound Fish And Bigger Are Taken"
Jim Zumbo, Editor At Large Outdoor Life

Tackle Testin'   ~  Rod Throbbin' 
 Imagine How We've Heard The Feeling Described !

King Salmon Fishing is "BIG Fish" Fishin'
Fish King Salmon May . June . July
















Silver Salmon "Coho" Fishing

Experience the "torpedo like run" of a silver 
and its "cartwheeling jumps" 

You Will Want To Do It Again and..Again !

"Faster Action Fishing at Its Finest"


Action On Top and "In Your Face" !
Best Chance To Catch The Most Fish 
 Simply ~ A Great Fishing Trip

Silver Salmon Fishing ....Faster  Action !
Fish Silver Salmon August & September

"The Kenai River is a unique system.  With its producing power, all the chances 
of nature fell together to make a
SALMON FACTORY", said Lance Traskey of the ADF&G 

Don't Just Fish For King Salmon.....Fish "Our Kenai River  Big Game  King Salmon"






450 HP  Hauls Halibut    Hauls Ass !

Fish Halibut ~ River & Sea Fishing Package
 Fish Halibut "All Season Long"

Fish Ling Cod  & Yellow-eye RockfishI July & August 


Pull  !



Saltwater Fishing 








      Fish Rainbow Trout & Char With "The River" or "River & Sea" Fishing Vacation Package 

A Kenai River Rainbow Trout ~ 19 lb. Kenai Rainbow  ~ Catch  Him !   AGAIN

With ~ million strong sockeye run and a "big lakes" system, nature has also created the 
Kenai River  ~  Rainbow Trout & Char Factory !

Kenai River  ~  Big Trout !
Fish Rainbow Trout & Char mid June ~ September 


Mom   You Gonna Eat That?

Mom,  How About a Bite !

The River Created The "Salmon Factory"

The "Salmon Factory" Created The "Bear Factory"

The "Salmon Factory" Created The "Trout Factory"


One Hell of a Place To Be a "Factory Worker" !









Located  "On The Kenai"  Peninsula in Soldotna, Alaska, 
we can be reached via a scenic three hour drive from Anchorage
or a twenty minute flight. Soldotna is a great base for  Adventure Travel 
Adventure Travel    Sight & Flight Seeing    Glaciers    Bear Viewing
Kenai Nat'l Wildlife Refuge    Chugach Nat'l Forest     Kenai Fiords Nat'l Park.


Have You Seen Any "COW" Moose ?

Every Day's A Great Day With Us !

I'll Keep an Eye Out For You This Summer

More To Do Than  Fishing !

A little bit of "All of Alaska" is close at hand.







All Our Clients Enjoy Private Kenai River Sockeye / Red Salmon Fishing

Another Perfect View of  " Nature "

A Perfect View of  " Nature "

Kenai Riverfront Cabin ~ type Lodging

1  2 & 3 Bedrooms


Close to Wild . Close To Fishing . Close To Town 


 Affordable Luxury
Perfect Place To End A Perfect Day
Enjoy The Eagles & Moose
Gas Grill & Hot Tub With a "Wild" View !!!  

and..... A Million Salmon at Your Doorstep ! 

Lakefront Cabin ~ type Lodging

2  3  &  4   Bedrooms


Close to Wild . Close To Fishing . Close To Town 


 Affordable Luxury
Perfect Place To End A Perfect Day
Enjoy The Eagles & Moose
Gas Grill & Hot Tub With a "Wild" View !!!  

and..... Rainbow Trout at Your  Doorstep ! 

Your Alaskan "Home Away From Home" !
You too will find, "It's All We Expected..... and Much ~ Much MORE".





"The Ultimate" 
Legendary ~ Memory Makers

Service Beyond Expectations

 "Our Signature Series"  ALASKA Fishing Vacation Packages

Your Favorites  &  Our Bread & Butter ! 

"The River

Arrive Monday PM 
Fish Tuesday - Saturday       
5  Days  River  Fishing  
Salmon  and / or  Trout
6  Nights Waterfront Lodging
Depart AM Following Sunday 

Salmon & Trout   
"The River" Is "Your" Choice


Each Package Includes
Guided Fishing / All Equipment
Waterfront Lodging
Fish Delivered To Processor
Sincere Interest In "Pleasing You"!

"River   &  Sea"

Arrive Sunday PM  
Fish Monday - Saturday
5  Days River Fishing
1 Day  ~   Halibut
      7  Nights Waterfront Lodging
Depart AM Following Sunday 

Salmon  Trout  
 and.... Halibut Fishing


Client's Responsibility
Meals ~ Food
Fishing License
Fish Processing
Ground Transportation

e have such confidence in the "ability and reliability" of our people & services,
"Money Back Guarantee" 
and more important.....
A Sincere Interest in You and Your Entire ALASKA Vacation 

We Make It  "your"  Vacation !
"Your"  Quick Fish ~ "Shorty" Packages  ~  Custom Trips
Adventure Travel  .   Bear Viewing  .  Fly ~ In Fishing  .  Kenai Fjords Cruise  

Fishing & Adventure Travel 

Quicik Fish 

The "Couple's" River

Arrive: Sunday
Fish Halibut: Monday
Fish Salmon: Tues & Wed
Kenai Fjords Cruise: Thur
Fish Salmon: Friday
Sightsee . Bear View: Sat
Depart: AM Sunday

Arrive: Sunday
Fish Halibut: Monday
Fish Salmon: Tues - Thurs
Lodging: Sun - Thur
Depart: Friday AM

Fish 4 Days . Stay 5 Nights

Arrive: Monday
Fish Salmon: Tues & Wed
"Day ~ Off": Thursday
Fish Salmon: Fri & Sat
Depart: AM Sunday 

Fish 4 Days . Stay 6 Nights

Customize "Your" ALASKA Fishing Vacation Package 


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Can You Find  "Anyone Else"  Offering "Super Deals" in July

Super Deal   ~  "Prime  Time"  King Salmon & Halibut Fishing Packages

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Kenai River " Big Game"  King Salmon & Halibut Fishing

Kenai River  "Tail ~ Walkin"  Silver Salmon & Halibut Fishing


Arrive Sunday 

Halibut Fishing: Monday

 Kenai River Salmon Fishing: Tuesday - Saturday ~ Full Days

Kenai Riverfront Cabin ~ type Lodging" 7 Nights ~ Sunday - Saturday

Depart: AM Following Sunday


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