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To Us Kishbaugh's
Excellence Over Time      We Are Your Best Choice !
Doing What's Right & Professionalism
Is Worth More Than Money

It's Worth "Our Name & Good Reputation ~ Generation After Generation"

In The Long Run ~ It Is Money !

Find The Guide Service 
With  A Past  And An Eye For The Future  

Not Just " This" Trip !




   Great Vacations              Great  Planning  
"Deal With Quality People" !

The internet has made easy the opportunity for any business
to economically present itself to the world in "full color"
Sometimes "rich & true"  ~  Sometimes like a
On today's "Alaska Fishing   Internet" you will find both
Well Represented Professional Services and....

"Misinformation ~ Deception & Plain Old Bullshit"
Realize This To Be A Fact

Let's Talk Honestly        We'll Be In The Same Boat !




Separate Fact & Fantasy
  Realize Fantasy Costs Less Than The Real Thing

The Bright Side

You Can Find
"Exactly" What You Want
A Great Alaska Fishing Vacation Package

If You
Ask Questions

Truly Inform Yourself


Great Trip !    Buy "Quality" Services !




No. 1
Choose A Full-time Professional Fishing Guide Service

Not   lodges, camps, resorts, hotels, motels,
bed & breakfasts, tackle shops, consultants, booking agents,
travel agents, or dinner house lodges that advertise market and sell
"Guided Fishing Packages" and

Have "No  Guide" At Home Page Alaska !

Buy what will really meets your needs & interests
Don't buy  what someone is selling because
it "looks & sounds good"

Buy What "Is" Good


Below you will find details of  "consumer"   information
How much you want to "dig-in" & apply is up to you

It's "Your Vacation and....Your Money"

The Common Law Of Business Balance
Prohibits Paying A Little and Getting A Lot
It Can't Be Done

If You Deal With The Lowest Bidder
It Is Well To Add Something For The Risk You Run
If You Do That       You Will Have Enough To
Pay For "Something Better"
                                                John Ruskin


Advertising Yesterday
Fishing and hunting guides, air charter / flying services, lodges,
(providers of outdoor recreational services) advertised their
own businesses. Magazines, sport & travel shows, a few
national booking agents, then and now the best, "word of mouth"
advertising was the mode of operation.


Advertising Today          "Times Are Changing " ! 
The traditional advertising  still exists and even many of  us
"Old Timers" have also embraced The Internet !
Through remarkable advertising, including even Super Bowl  ads,
Alaska has experienced unprecedented growth in tourism.
This economic impact  has attracted a multitude of  new people and
New Businesses Ranging From "Superb" To
"Something You Do Not Want
But Very Likely Might Get


You Be The Judge

Incompetent, inexperienced, unprofessional, unfriendly sob's exist
in the guiding industry because someone, (by mistake ?) paid them.
In conversation with us, we will not make derogatory comments
concerning other guides, guide services, or other businesses.
We Do Take A Great Deal Of Pride And Personal Satisfaction
in the services we provide. That's our No. 1 job priority.
Negative comments or downgrading others can not make
our service to you better.

We're  "Too Big"     To  " Belittle" !


Sport Fishing In ALASKA Is Big Dollar Business

Those hard earned dollars come from people just like you.
Anytown, USA, if there's money to be made, there will be a ton
of people jumping on the bandwagon, or, "fishing" wagon.
Some Straight Forward  ~  Some Less Than Straight Forward
Don't Choose a "Bent One"   You Have The Choice !

For Your Assurance  ~   Do Your Homework
Choose A Full-time Professional Fishing Guide Service
That truly cares about your entire ALASKA Fishing Vacation
One that needs not only your prior approval
But also your friend's approval after you've gone home
That's the one, "above & beyond money"
That will hang it out & go the distance for you




The Economic Growth Of Sport Fishing 
Has Attracted "The Part Time Guide" and "The Retiree Guide"
It  allows "The Story Teller ~ We Only Catch Big Fish Guide"
and "The Cut Rate ~ I'll Make Ya A Deal Guide" to marginally  and
usually temporarily do business.  And, your worst nightmare,
"The Offensive 's.o.b.' Guide",  will find  new clients again this year.

Don't Be One Of Them !


The part time guide isn't depending on you for his livelihood.
Is his No. 1 occupational priority to "FISH YOU" as a repeat client?
He's not giving up his "daytime job" ! The story teller  needs to BS you
himself instead of providing references to honestly inform you.
Low priced guides are at least honest and know  the value of their product.
If they  were experienced and competent, they'd be booked at a higher price.

There are offensive s.o.b.'s in the "fishing business" who are good  fishermen.
Sometimes you, less experienced "in their arena", ruin their whole day !
How will you react when you, your son or wife gets
a royal chewing-out for losing a lure or backlashing a reel?
There'll be hell to pay if a rod gets broken. !

And...I Paid For This !

Find Someone In "The People Business""
Who Is Also A Capable & Competent Fishing Guide



The "Bed & Breakfast & Lodging Industry"
has spawned a real Web Of Misunderstanding for the consumer.
Many of these new ventures are beautiful and an appealing atmosphere
to spend a week. Some are not!  QUESTION ? Many feature guided fishing
and speak of "our guides". They can generally get you "the best guides
at a reasonable rate" and they have fished with them.  From observation,
know the "best, better, or whatever term one chooses, is booked through
his own effort & reputation and not working as a sub contractor for a B&B,
tackle shop, hotel, lodge, or booking agent. Avoid the middleman.

Who Will Be "Our" Guide ?





When Is The Best Time To Come ?
What Answer Do You Expect To Hear ? !

If  I were speaking to the owner,  representative,  or agent of a "Lodge" or
B&B, I  would want to know if he makes most of his money from fishing
or lodging !  As previously stated, many of these facilities, even though very
attractive, have "NO GUIDE" at home! The main source of income is lodging. 
When does this business  say, "This is the best time"!  Is it determined by
"Fishing" or more likely when "Vacancies Exist In Lodging"?
We Are Fishing Guides and Include Waterfront Lodging In Our

Fishing Vacation Packages.
We Are Not In The Lodging Business!

We respond to the "When Is The Best Time To Come" ? question
based on your personal needs & interests with regard to FISHING.





"The "Lure" Of Easy Money"        Be A Fishing Guide !!
Travel, entertainment, fishing, fresh air and "the good times"
all rolled into into one job!  Spending a week fishing & enjoying
Alaska with you ~ Who wouldn't want to be a fishing guide ?
This concept has certainly attracted enough people!
Guides and those who ADVERTISE themselves as guides.


"There is scarcely anything in the world that some man can not make 
a little worse and  sell a little more cheaply. 
The person who Buys On Price Alone Is This Man's Lawful Prey."
John Ruskin

   We do  readily recognize Quality Services not only in the fishing but
the tourism industry in general. If we do not provide the services you seek, we
will gladly assist you in any way we can. We are friendly & here to help YOU.

Help Yourself
Give a little "research" to your fishing vacation like you did the purchase
of  your car or this computer. Chances are you didn't buy the cheapest if you
had certain expectations for their performance. We wouldn't expect the same
performance from the shortstop on the company softball team as we would
the shortstop for the Yankees. And... "No  Yankee" fishes at  cut-rate prices !


If You Expect A "Quality Vacation"

Deal With Quality People

The "Bitterness Of Low Quality" Remains
Long After The "Sweetness Of Low Price" Is Forgotten



Inform Yourself
Ask Questions   ~      Separate Fact & Fantasy

1. Are you a fishing guide ?
2. Do you guide fishermen on a "daily basis"?

There are guides / Guide services that  "Book as many clients
as they can" and then "attempt"' to find an "available guide".
 You might never meet nor see"Your Guide" !

3. Will we fish with you ?
4. Who will we fish with ?
5. Can you forward a selection of references reflecting our particular interests

6. In Alaska there is no statewide requirementsor fishing guides!
   CPR Card and First Aid Card, YOU  can be a fishing guide tomorrow

What are The Credentials & Experience 
of the person to whom you are speaking and paying
and.....Fishing With

7. How long will we fish each day ?   Half or full day ?

The Majority Of  Fishing Trips Marketed For Kenai River Fishing Are
Half Day Trips
You do not need to be a "rocket scientist" to realize a guide can generate
more money by taking out two parties per day. However, a guide can not catch twice as many fish simply by taking twice as many fishermen.
It Simply Can Not Be Done


Customer Satisfaction
We Don't Go Out Of Our Way To Show You A Great Day
It Is Our Way !
Excellence Over Time          
Fishing Trip Are All
"Full Day Trips"

Taking One Party Per Day
"YOU" will catch what is caught, not half of what was caught.
You'll actually have "time" for a "shore break" & lunch.
No Start & Finish Boat Race
Enjoy A More Relaxed "Full Day Fishing Trip" !
Less Money For Us  & The Best Chances For You !



Scope Us Out !
We're "Straight Shooters"
Excellence Over Time
Set Your Sights On A Great Trip !

A Vacation With "No Surprises"
"An Attitude" You'll Love

"Talk With Us "


  Great Fishing Stories !
A Great Alaska Fishing Vacation Package
Talk With Guys Like Jerry


14 Years From  MN    Ask Me Why !



In Our Fourth Decade of Guiding Alaska's Anglers
Excellence Over Time
You Will Benefit From Our

Superior Service
Excellence Over Time

Simply  ~ We Offer You

A Great A Great Alaska Fishing Vacation PackageVacation 
With Individual "Customer Satisfaction" The No. 1 Goal !
That's The Deal !




No "Misinformation ~ Deception Or Bullshit"
We're Proud To Let "Our Work" Speak For Itself
There Is A difference In "Quality Of Services" Provided !
Talk With Our Clients
Excellence Over Time
A Second Generation  Family Business
Fishing ALASKA In The Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties
To Better Serve You With  " A GOOD EXPERIENCE"  Today !

Your Personal Assurance  ~ Buy Our Reliability & Experience



  Consumer Protection 
If You Don't Talk With Us  &  "Our" References

You're Missin' The Boat !


Your Guide Service 
With  A Past  And An Eye For The Future  

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We do have " BIG " Trout.

Your New Best Friends in Alaska 

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Experience A "Tradition Of Excellence ~ Where The Fun Never Sets" !


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